DCN Specializes in Substance Abuse Counseling to DUI offenders. Keep reading if you require Substance Abuse counseling for drug or alcohol, to maintain or get back your driver’s license in Florida or in any other state, or you’re on probation for a drug-related charge, or need Anger Management counseling, BIP/Domestic Violence Program, etc. S tate-wide    Tele-Counseling is offered throughout the State of Florida. From the comfort of your home or office you can attend individual video-sessions in real time to complete your Program on your timeline. Video-Sessions may be scheduled for any time, any day, including weekends, starting as late as 9:00pm SCHEDULING A FREE INTAKE Before we can schedule you for a FREE Intake video-session, you must download, print, and fill out an Intake Form. Once you complete and sign the Intake Form, please email it to us at Ref@DCNFlorida.com. Upon reviewing it, we’ll contact you via WhatsApp in order to schedule a Video-Session to complete your evaluation and enroll you in the propper program, we’ll also give you an orientation to complete your requierements successfully. Please notice: 1 . Please be prepared to provide complete and accurate information on the Intake Form BEFORE we can schedule a remote session for you. 2 . The Evaluation will result in a Clinical Diagnosis and a set of reports that are required to be submitted to the Safety Council or to your referral source, to the Florida DMV or report to the DMV of the State were you received your DUI. 3 . The Evaluation will also determine how many Credit-Hours of Counseling you are required to attend. The number of Credit-Hours is determined by a criteria that, among many parameters, take into account the circumstances of the offense that brought you to this point, arrest reports, the accuracy and truthfulness of your information, etc. 4. Please, be real… DO NOT EXPECT to be told that you do not need any counseling. ONCE ENROLLED… Once you are enrolled we will schedule the Video-Sessions most convenient to you. You will be required to attend continuously and be fully aware of the Program Rules. We are required to report your attendance to the Safety Council, and they in turn report to the DMV. As long as you don’t miss any Video-ession, you will soon complete your Treatment successfully. The point is that once you start, don’t stop!
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